The National Democratic Assembly aspires to unite the people of this nation through democratic mechanisms that work to liberate the people and the homeland by defeating the occupation; building a state based on freedom, good governance, and the rule of law; liberating and developing the citizenry by respecting and mobilizing their capabilities, benefitting from their intellectual capacities, and ensuring for them opportunities that facilitate achievement and innovation, and strengthen their resilience to confront a racist colonial occupation that aims to expand settler colonialism and destroy the population.

We are at a critical impasse, and the Palestinian people need a new beginning.  If the Palestinian people grant us their trust in the elections, we in the National Democratic Assembly believe we can forge this new beginning by supporting and serving the citizenry, alleviating their burdens, and promoting their economic resilience.  This requires rebuilding our political system, eliminating corruption, and rebuilding the administrative and security services.  It also means defending and restoring our land, confronting Israeli settler colonialism, as well as working towards national independence and the realization of future prosperity.

It is imperative to confront the current conditions heads on and correctly identify the difficulties that encircle us. We must work to find the solutions to such obstacles and problems, not equivocate or simplify them or spread lies and illusions about them.

We are of the people, defenders of their interests, not officials in power or those leaders and political actors that citizens are weary of and seek to change.  The National Democratic Assembly is not a party/faction; rather, it is a coalition of serious and reputable members of Fatah and other movements, scholars, intellectuals and independents from all walks of life, who share the same deep concern over the situation of our country and cause.  We agreed on this political platform encompassing various issues and identifying specific tasks that representatives of the Assembly will be committed to carrying out in the Legislative Council.