Our manifesto

We are the sons and daughters of the Arab Palestinian people who aspire to achieve national independence and build a secular and sovereign state over our land that was occupied in 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital. We seek to achieve freedom and dignity for our people in all aspects of life and the right of return and compensation as well as recovering property owned by refugees. We are united by a comprehensive and patriotic vision for change, anchored in our right to contribute to the liberation of our land, strengthen the resilience of our people, build the institutions of our state, as well as reinforce the principles of citizenry, freedom, justice, accountability, equality, rule of law, in addition to fighting corruption in all forms and areas and at all levels. 

We are of the people, defenders of their interests. We came from Fatah and other Palestinian factions; we are also scholars, intellectuals and independents from all walks of life. All of us share the same deep concern over the situation of our country and cause.  We agreed on this political platform, encompassing various issues and identifying specific tasks that representatives of the Assembly will be committed to carrying out in the Legislative Council.

The right of the Palestinian people to freedom, self-determination, and national independence in the State of Palestine which is free, independent, and sovereign, on the borders of 4 June 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital, and that is characterized by democracy, justice, equality, and the rule of law. 

Achieve national independence and build the legislative, executive, and judiciary institutions of the State, in line with good governance and separation of powers; reaffirm the rule of law and achieve freedom, dignity, and equality for all Palestinians; strengthen the national identity and restore the standing of the Palestinian cause at the Arab, regional, and international levels; resist all forms of local, Arab, or Islamic normalization with Israel and rebuild Palestinian relations with all actors at the international level on the solid foundation of recognizing Palestinian national rights. 

We seek change through:

  •         Respect for the rule of law and institutions and fighting corruption.
  •         Respect for freedoms and civil liberties, equality, and equal opportunities.
  •         Rebuilding our political system and getting rid of corruption as well as rebuilding the administrative and security apparatuses in accordance with good governance.
  •         Rebuilding the security doctrine in accordance with a new patriotic vision and direction. 
  •         Establishing and affirming national unity through democratic processes.

We seek liberation through:

  •         Defending our land and regaining it as well as resisting settler colonialism and ending the Israeli occupation.
  •         Achieving national independence in the State of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital.
  •         Restoration of the refugees’ rights to return, compensation, and regaining ownership of property as well as other national rights.

We seek prosperity through:

  •         Liberating the Palestinian individual and building him/her by respecting and building his/her capacity and benefiting from his/her intellectual capacities, while also providing him/her with opportunities for production and ingenuity.
  •         Respecting citizens’ dignity and rights and improving their living conditions.
  •         Supporting citizens’ steadfastness in their land, and achieving future progress and prosperity for the Palestinian people. 

  •         Liberate the homeland by ending the colonial occupation, and build an accountable and democratic state.
  •         Provide the proper legal and political environment to enable citizens to participate effectively in decision-making and ensure regular and peaceful transfer of power as well as regular and free and fair elections.
  •         Regain the standing of the Palestinian cause at the Arab, regionally, and internationally.
  •         Resist all forms of local, Arab, and Islamic normalization.
  •         Rebuild the Palestine Liberation Organization to assume its responsibilities for our people in exile, especially in the refugee camps, ameliorate their suffering, and struggle to achieve their rights to return and compensation.
  •         Reaffirm that Palestinians, who remained and persevered in their land in what is now Israel, are an integral part of the Palestinian people who share a bond of affiliation, culture, religion, and history. 

Respond to Emergencies, including COVID-19 by:

1.     Increasing national capacities to cope with emergencies and reduce risk to a minimum.

2.     Raising the preparedness level of the health sector, including that of first responders in situations of emergency.

3.     Promoting greater awareness, transparency, and credibility in dealing with the pandemic, including avoiding grandstanding.

4.     Working to provide treatment and vaccinations to all, equally and equitably, with a clear and publicized strategy.

5.     Providing medical personnel with timely and necessary resources and capabilities.

Regain National Unity by:

1.     Working towards the restoration of political and geographical unity, raising awareness of its requirements and encouraging a comprehensive national dialogue.

2.     Enacting a law aimed at insulating the democratic process from Israeli aggression, particularly arrests and threats, through the adoption of the Norwegian Law and other laws that would prevent or limit the effects of the occupation’s interventions.

Rebuild the Palestine Liberation Organization by:

1.     Pushing for consensus on a new National Council that must include Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who are part of the Palestinian people, following an agreement on restoring unity and the status of the Gaza Strip;

2.     Rebuilding unions, syndicates, and community organizations abroad, promoting their unification, and helping to facilitate their free, democratic, and regular elections;

3.     Developing the bylaws of the PLO, while preserving its essence, and main PLO bodies, including their mandates, duties, and functions.

Correct the political performance of the Palestinian National Authority by:

1.     Developing an action plan to end the Oslo Accords and its obligations as well as subsequent agreements, who have become defunct due to time as well as the regular practices, policies, and violations by Israel, which has effectively and practically terminated them.  

2.     Conducting a comprehensive review of the role of the Palestinian National Authority’s administrative services and security apparatus, including reconsidering their roles, and turning the Authority into one dedicated to providing services while transferring political tasks to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

3.     Working to end the so-called security coordination and reassessing it completely.

Improve government performance and the work of the Palestinian administration by:

1.     Forming a new government that represents the will of the electorate and is able to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, provide the foundations for steadfastness on the land of Palestine, and promote an environment that resists occupation and settler colonialism.

2.     Reforming the [public] administration, enhancing its efficiency, and ending any discriminatory treatment of employees on a geographical basis. 

3.     Reviewing the Retirement Law for civil service and the security sector.

4.     Rebuilding the security apparatuses and adopting a new security doctrine, founded in patriotic principles.

Reinforce Democracy and the Rule of Law by:

1.     Pushing for regular elections at all levels, while strengthening democratic conditions.

2.     Reinforcing individual and collective freedoms, rejecting all forms of discrimination, and enacting the needed legislations to that end.

3.     Affirming the independence of the judiciary, strengthening its standing, and exerting active and speedy efforts to unify laws in the State of Palestine.

Fight Corruption by:

1.     Legislating to regulate the fight against corruption and attaining the highest degree of efficacy in this regard.

2.     Activating the role of the Anti-Corruption Commission and maintaining its independence, free from personal whims and dependencies.

Achieve National Independence in the State of Palestine on the 1967 Borders, with Jerusalem as its Capital by:

1.     Resolutely affirming the existence of the State of Palestine, even if it’s under occupation, and affirming the central national objective of achieving national independence.

2.     Upholding the right of Palestine refugees to their property and affirming their right to return, compensation and restitution. 

3.     Completing the needs of the state, including an airport, borders, and economic disengagement.

Vindicate Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Palestine, by:

1.     Adopting political positions and legislation supporting the centrality of Jerusalem in the Palestinian political project as the capital of the State of Palestine.

2.     Legislating to provide the necessary support and assistance to Jerusalem and its residents, and reinforcing the steadfastness of Jerusalemites in all areas.

3.     Resolutely confronting any party that falls into the trap of Judaization or compromises public, private, ecclesiastical, or endowment properties in the Holy City.

Clearly Identify our Positions Regarding a Negotiated Settlement by:

1.     Upholding the commitment to achieve the central national goal and other fundamental national rights, as well as clearly defining the requirements of a negotiated settlement, particularly the prior commitment to the final configuration of the solution and acceptance of a Palestinian state on the borders of 4 June 1967. 

2.     Rejecting the US monopoly on the negotiation process, formulating a clear strategy to deal with the new U.S. administration based on our national priorities, and pushing for the development of a new international mechanism.

3.     Calling upon the international community to take concrete and practical measures to confront Israeli violations, and asking countries that have not yet done so to recognize the State of Palestine on the borders of 4 June 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Achieve Liberation and Development by:

1.     Mandating a specific bureau in the Palestinian Authority to thoroughly and consistently document all Israeli aggressions, especially those amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

2.     Confronting Israeli policies and crimes against our people with all forms of popular resistance.

3.     Confronting and rejecting Israel's attempt to restore the Israeli military government and “civil administration” and forbidding engagement with them.

Confront Israeli Colonial Settlements in the State of Palestine by:

1.     Mobilizing Palestinian and regional public opinion against settler colonialism as an existential threat to the Palestinian people.

2.     Enacting a law that defines the necessary procedures regarding colonial settlements and colonizers, and prohibiting any work or engagement with settlements and their products, in accordance with the obligations of the State of Palestine as a contracting party to the Geneva Conventions.

3.     Pushing for further developing the positions of international actors in the fight against Israeli settler colonialism and for a system of punitive measures against violators, including companies operating in and/or in collusion with settlements.

Protect and Regain the Land by:

1.     Establishing a government body with broad powers work on preserving and classifying the land.

2.     Encouraging all actions that protect and utilize the land and strengthen Palestinian presence.

3.     Reinforcing the resilience of citizens in areas under threat and/or adjacent to settlements and those behind the Wall, and adopting development plans that turn them into areas that attract citizens.

4.     Revising old laws regarding the leasing of endowment lands and ensuring their fair use for eligible groups.

Develop the Educational System by:

1.     Overhauling pedagogical thinking and the nature of the educational system, as well as changing and developing the curriculum. 

2.     Enhancing teachers’ performance through training, improving their living conditions, and legislating the necessary laws to that end.

3.     Introducing new subjects to the curriculum and paying special attention to computing, sports, the arts, music, and extra-curricular activities.

4.     Paying special attention to new teaching methods and materials; and moving education from indoctrination to a system that promotes critical and analytical thinking.

5.     Developing higher education and focusing on new specializations in technology and scientific research.

6.     Supporting vocational education, which focuses on the development of skills, as an appropriate alternative to formal university education.

Improve the healthcare system by:

1.     Overhauling the healthcare system, improving health services, ending patient referrals especially to Israel, and investing funds previously used in referrals in our healthcare system.

2.     Prioritizing public, preventive, and remedial health services and the hospital system, and focusing on investment in preventive medical care.

3.     Combatting threats to public health, such as pollution and lack of knowledge.

4.     Providing comprehensive health insurance to all citizens through the public health system and legislating the necessary laws to that end.

Champion Culture and Cultural Institutions and the Arts by:

1.     Reinforcing conviction in the national, democratic, and civic values, as well as the cultural values of Islam and equal rights for all citizens.

2.     Consecrating the importance of the rights to expression and disagreement and the right to political and civic engagement, action, and protest.

3.     Reaffirming fundamental rights, including the elimination of all forms of discrimination on the basis of religion, place of residence, or any other distinction. 

4.     Supporting the various arts and their leading role in enlightening society, as well as supporting cultural and arts institutions.

Improve Media Performance by:

1.     Providing a supportive legal environment that guarantees the freedom of the media, protects journalists and their sources, and guarantees their right to access information as well as bolsters professional conduct and journalistic ethics.

2.     Abolishing the Cybercrime law and replacing it with a law befitting of a truly democratic system.

3.     Reaffirming the domestic and international role and responsibility of the media and media professionals in the national struggle.  

Reaffirm the Status of the Martyrs, Prisoners, and Safeguard their Rights by:

1.     Adhering to the rights of the families of martyrs, prisoners and the wounded, and the role of the Palestinian Authority and society towards them.

2.     Supporting international solidarity actions with the prisoners and working vigorously to secure their release.

3.     Working to recover the bodies of the martyrs from the “Cemeteries of Numbers.”

4.     Working to rehabilitate the injured and empower them to reintegrate into society as well as providing care and appropriate working opportunities for them.

Reinforce the Role and Status of Women by:

1.     Working to empower and protect women through legislations that guarantee they are not discriminated against, and promoting women’s full participation in all decision-making positions.

2.     Reviewing and correcting legislation affecting women and their innate civil rights, and harmonizing such laws with international treaties and conventions.

Support and Encourage Youth by:

1.     Lowering the legal age for participation in the various bodies, including the right to run in general elections.

2.     Rebuilding and supporting the General Union of Students and youth organizations.

3.     Providing the youth with the needed attention in the areas of arts and culture, sports, and scouting, while encouraging volunteerism, creativity, and innovation.

4.     Encouraging the youth to move towards entrepreneurship and investment in building startups (SMEs), and empowering them to receive soft loans and other financial and tax facilitation.

Support Persons with Disabilities by:

1.     Developing national legislation to be in line with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as monitoring its implementation.

2.     Developing oversight mechanisms to monitor negligence and violations and holding perpetrators accountable.

3.     Promoting a national vision that compels all concerned to remove environmental, institutional, and social obstacles and guarantee a friendly environment for the disabled; and encouraging their employment in the public and private sectors.

Protect Children and Care for the Elderly by:

1.     Adopting a law on childhood that forbids violence against children and deems the provision of health, psychological and educational care to children a fundamental right and a strategic objective of the State.

2.     Adopting a family protection law that guarantees the care and protection of the child and mother.

3.     Supporting and strengthening the kindergarten sector, including adopting laws that include monitoring and science-driven oversight. 

4.     Ensuring the health and psychological care of mothers, children and the elderly, as fundamental and essential rights for the safety and future of society.

Protect the Environment by:

1.     Allocating the resources to provide clean drinking water, including desalination, and wastewater treatment.

2.     Completely prohibiting coal production in Palestine and focusing on the use of gas rather than petrol.

3.     Reclaiming the national gas resources in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

4.     Promoting the use of renewable energy, including solar panels, by adopting appropriate government measures. 

5.     Preserving and expanding reserves and green spaces in cities and villages.

6.     Promoting organic farming and avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and other pollutants.

7.     Protecting Palestine from environmental pollution caused by Israel, the occupying power.  

Strengthen the National Economy and Improve Living Conditions by:

1.     Preparing a broad national strategy and plan of action for the so-called “Area C”, particularly the Jordan Valley and the areas adjacent to the Wall, which is predicated on the rejection of this classification and works at the international and regional levels to implement practical plans and programs for the government, the private sector, and civil society, especially in the agricultural sector.

2.     Establishing a strong supportive infrastructure that bolsters local products and exporting as well as diverts loans towards production-oriented projects.

3.     Expanding investment in agriculture and incentives to return to the land, as well as encouraging and improving small and medium-sized agricultural productivity, and supporting the livestock industry.

4.     Working to restore control over our natural resources and wealth, especially water, gas and petroleum. 

5.     Strengthening social protection mechanisms to reduce poverty, extreme poverty, and unemployment, especially in the Gaza Strip; and strengthening the social safety net. 

6.     Promoting production cooperatives and the role of micro-enterprises through the creation of an institutional legal framework that protects and assists small producers.

7.     Reducing unjustified administrative government spending and ensuring adherence to the budget approved by the Legislative Council.

8.     Reviewing the tax policy to ensure equitable tax burden distribution in a manner that serves the interest of strengthening the economy, as well as restoring plundered public funds and looted public property.

9.     Expanding Arab and international support, reviewing existing external assistance mechanisms, and agreeing on priorities and projects to maximize their benefit.

10.  Combatting unemployment and working to expand employment opportunities, including abroad, as an alternative to migration.

11.  Protecting national products from chaotic importing by legislating to serve that end.

Bolster Arab Affiliation:

1.     Rebuilding, enhancing and expanding our Arab relations to include political entities, civil society, academia and intellectuals, and other social actors and standing with the brotherly Arab peoples in their just causes. 

Develop External Work by:

1.     Strengthening official and public Palestinian relationships and confronting hostile forces.

2.     Reforming the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as working towards rebuilding the diplomatic corps and it functions and ensuring compliance with the Diplomatic Service Law.

3.     Working on establishing a general union of friendship associations to activate public diplomacy.